New series | How I Unwind: Himmat Butalia

23 Aug,2012

By Himmat Butalia


I’m writing about my favourite ways to unwind while I’m sitting at my desk with heaps of work to finish (what an irony).


Movies: I often think about how lucky I am to be working at PIX since I’m a huge movie buff. A great movie at the end of a hectic working day or a holiday is the cherry on the cake. My 500 (plus) DVD collection validates my belief in this mantra!


Food food food: My personal motto is ‘You are what you eat’, but on more occasions than one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed food which I would not even dare name let alone eat. Yummy Italian food consisting of some good wholesome spinach soup, fresh steamed fish as the main course made with less cheese and lots of chillies and black pepper or some Chinese stir fried noodles and Sapo chicken with some dry chilly lamb (yup, I’m a foodie) are ideal meals at the end of a power packed day and a great way to relax, before hitting the bed( not to forget a good cup of hot Chinese tea post a scrumptious dinner)


Yoga and Swimming: My defence background has instilled a great amount of self discipline in me and also helped me recognize the significance of good health. Yoga and swimming are not only a great way to unwind but also to keep mind and body healthy and hearty, thus a good way to start and end a hectic day.


Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head, PIX.

Compiled by Meghna Sharma


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