MxM Buzzer # 7 | Quiz on Taproot – Dentsu

31 Aug,2012

Welcome to the Seventh edition of MxMIndia’s media quiz – MxM Buzzer, that happens every Friday and where our prizewinners are real people . Our quizmaster is Sorbojeet Chatterjee, Vice President – Marketing at Neo Sports. To enter this quiz, simply email the answers with your personal details (Name, email id and telephone number) and a five-word descriptor for MxMINDIA at with Buzzer#6 in the subject. Standard contest rules apply (see box below).

Note: entries without the descriptor will not be considered for prizes.

There will be two prizes for Buzzer #7. One First Prize of Rs 1001 and One Second Prize of Rs 101.

If there’s a tie, the best descriptor for MxMIndia will get the prize (note: tie-breaker question will change every week).
Last date for sending entries: THURSDAY, September 6, 2012. Entries must reach us by 5 pm IST.

 Aggie and Paddy quit which advertising agency to launch Taproot?
 Dentsu had launched an ad auction portal in India to help broadcasters monetize unutilized ad inventory. What was it called?
 The ad-film for which brand (created by Taproot) won a Gold lion in Cannes this year?

 Identify him?
 Aggie, one of the co-founders of Taproot, is married to Nandini. She is currently the COO of which media agency?
 Prior to buying a controlling stake in Taproot, which UK based agency did Dentsu acquire for around $5 Billion?
 The awardwinning Aman Ki Asha campaign for TOI was conceptualized by Taproot. Which media group in Pakistan was a partner in this campaign?
 Sandeep Goyal was instrumental in launching Dentsu in India. He sold his stake in January 2011 and invested in a television channel in India. Which channel?
 Dentsu had got into an arrangement with a leading broadcaster in India to underwrite significant amount of ad inventory for their marquee cricket tournaments. The deal eventually fell through. Identify the broadcaster?

 The image depicts an annual company event in Dentsu (Japan) that was started in 1925 and every year in July more than 500 employees participate to pray for the growth of all their clients. What happens in the event?

Winner of Buzzer #6 is Manish Pratik  (Tel No xxxxxx 6926). Mr Pratik (who works with MediaPro) wins a Prize of Rs 1001. The Second Prize of Rs 101 is won by Mayank Jain (xxxxxx 2616) who works with Network 18.  Congratulations, Messrs Pratik and Jain. Please await our mail, send us your coordinates and we will wire/ courier/ deposit you the prize… within a month.


Answers to Buzzer # 6

1. Shah Rukh Khan, 2. Ramayana, 3. Hum Log, 4. Shobhaa De, 5. Sony Entertainment Television, 6. Buniyaad, 7. Lok Sabha TV, 8. Nimbus, 9. Zabaan Sambhal Ke, 10. Surabhi

1. The families and employees of MxMIndia Private Limited and its associates are not eligible to win prizes.
2. You can send as many entries as you would like. There is no entry fee.
3. In case of more than one all-correct entry, the Tie-Breaker will be the decider. Entries without the Descriptor for the Tie-Breaker will not be considered complete.
4. The decision of the Quizmaster and/or the MxMIndia editor will be final.
5. If the winner is not reachable by phone/email, the next best entry will be awarded the prize.
6. By sending your entry, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the rules.
7.  Entries for Buzzer #7 must reach us latest by 5pm IST on Aug 30.

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