MTV goes multi-dimensional, wearing multiple hats

22 Aug,2012

By Meghna Sharma


To survive, adapting to changing times is an absolute must. MTV, which started the music revolution in the country decades ago, has not just managed to survive but also remain a hit with its audience, when grabbing attention is an increasingly tough job.


How did MTV do it? Evolution is the answer, according to Aditya Swamy, MTV EVP and Business Head. “Our brand talks to youngsters, who are constantly evolving, so to connect with them we have to re-invent ourselves time and again too.”


The channel now is working towards being multi-dimensional and multi-platform. Ask about the rationale behind the new strategy and the response is that while music is at the heart of MTV, the brand is not limited to it. Therefore, the channel isn’t stopping itself from wearing multiple hats – from music both filmi and independent and reality shows, it also has a slew of new properties since March, starting with MTV Sound Trippin, followed by India’s first social road trip titled Drive with MTV , a 13-part film named MTV Rush, and MTV Coke Studio.


Aditya Swamy

“Today a channel has to be multi-dimensional especially if it caters to youngsters. Youth wants options – music, reality shows, fiction etc. So, a brand needs to have a well-rounded offering for its TA. Audiences are wearing multiple hats, so why shouldn’t a channel?” asks Mr Swamy. “And as choices evolve, we’ll have change accordingly and maybe a new phenomenon will be created in the future.”


However, the channel is very clear that it will never compromise on music. “Music is in MTV’s heart so we cannot let go of it. But we’ll continue to do different things with it and come up with original content. Our mantra is quality over quantity.”


The brand can be consumed on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook apart from its website and, of course, television. “When so many options are available to ‘connect’ with the audience then why should a channel be only be limited to TV? All these platforms give us a total consumer platform, which makes it a two-way communication,” says Mr Swamy about the importance of being available on multiple platforms.


He further explains it with an example of Roadies which won ‘The Most Social TV Show’ at Mashable Awards, last year. The show had gone all out by posting videos, images, updates and exclusive sneak peeks on social networks. The show was the only Indian entry to reach the top 10 slot too.


“Not only does the engagement help a brand reach out to its audiences, advertisers prefer it too, as it also helps them to reach their TA through various platforms which a brand they can associate with is on,” Mr Swamy adds.


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