I’ll never give up anchoring: Manish Paul

09 Aug,2012

A show without a good host is Nothing. And that’s why anchoring has become such an important part of not only events, but shows on television too. The boom of reality shows on television has given birth to a new breed of hosts – spontaneous and as much a part of the show as the contestants and judges.


MxMIndia’s Meghna Sharma spoke to Manish Paul, the anchor of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, to find out what makes one the most sought after host…


From RJ to VJ, actor to anchoring shows, you have done it all. How has been the journey so far?

The journey has been just brilliant…and hosting shows has taken my career to another level. I’m glad that I got an opportunity to be associated with some of the biggest shows and events.


How are the two worlds of radio and television different?

The only difference between the two for me has been the fact that for a radio show, I don’t have to worry about my looks. No one will care if I host the show in my shorts, whereas when one is on TV, one has to worry about how presentable they are. Here, looks matter too.


You have also acted in serials and now are hosting shows. If you had to choose between the two, which one will you opt for? Why?

It’s very difficult to choose between the two. Right now, I’m opting to stay away from acting – even though I’m getting offers – because the character or role I have to play doesn’t match my sensibilities. For an actor it is very important that he/she truly believes in the role they have to portray. And until and unless, that happens, I’m happy doing what I’m doing right now.


You have anchored DID and now hosting Jhalak, how has been the experience? How are the two different?

Jhalak has been outstanding for me, now I get smses and mails from my fans about the show. Some even tell me which lines or jokes of mine entertained them the most. As for difference between DID and Jhalak; though both are dance shows, the difference comes from the celebrities. If you take DID, apart from the three judges and one grandmaster, the contestants are all common people, whereas in Jhalak, even the contestants are celebrities. So, as a host I have to keep that in mind and work according to that. One cannot make a mistake of offending anyone.


Will you be hosting India’s Got Talent?

Yes. Cyrus Sahukar and I will be hosting the show. The shooting has already started and it would be an understatement to call my life ‘hectic’ right now. With the amount of flying to and fro for the shootings of Jhalak and IGT, I have gone almost deaf (laughs).


So, how do you balance work and your personal life?

There is no doubt about the fact that television industry has become very competitive over the past few years and hence life has become difficult. One has to not only juggle between family and work, but at times, between various projects they have taken up. I make sure that in all this, I don’t compromise on my family.


What are the most memorable moments of your career?

I started my career 10 years ago and have done a lot so far. However, the most memorable moment would be the night where I was awarded the ‘Best Anchor’ award. And the funny part is that I was also hosting that show, so I read out my nomination with the others before being handed over the trophy!


According to you, what qualities should a good host possess?

A good anchor should be a well-read one. He/she should know what’s happening around too. Also, one needs to read the script well. Many a times, anchors don’t read their scripts, which I don’t think is a correct way to go about their work. And, of course, one needs to be spontaneous as well as witty. However, one also needs to be careful and know where to draw a line. It’s not our job to offend anyone. Humour too has its limits.


Every TV actor harbors the ambition of becoming a film star. Will you ever give up small screen to concentrate on films?

I am doing a film called Oye Mickey. And if interesting offers come which meet my sensibilities, then of course, I will be inclined towards the big screen. However, I will never give up anchoring. It is what I love doing…I love talking, so it is one profession which suits me the best!


What’s next on you agenda?

Right now its Jhalak, IGT and Oye Mickey….life is good, so far.


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