Exclusivity is an attractive proposition to not only viewers but also sponsors: PIX

16 Aug,2012

By A Correspondent


Over the past few years, competition in the English movie channels genre has intensified. However, the genre still enjoys a limited audience. Therefore, each channel has to out-do its competition to stand out in the crowd.


From differentiated marketing to programming strategies, channels try their level best to capture maximum eyeballs. MxMIndia spoke to Amogh Dusad – Programming Head at PIX which showcases various festivals to find out how well has this mantra worked for the channel…


PIX keeps coming up with ‘festivals’ like the 3 Legends. What is the rationale behind it?

We at PIX strive to provide popular and interesting content to our viewers. 3 Legends is a new programming block we have created this month which will showcase movies of the three martial art legends – Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Similarly, Sunday Breakout, Awesome Saturdays, Hand PIX and Super PIX are blocks created to offer variety and meet the ever-growing appetite for Hollywood films. Also, festivals break the monotony on a channel as they always offer something interesting to look forward to for the viewers.


Why is it important to have these festivals?

Blocks and festivals create a sense of excitement and appointment amongst the viewers towards the slot, in specific, and the channel, in general. They also bring uniqueness to the channel, which simply means that at any given point of time you will not see more than one channel programming or treating a particular genre, cast, theme or local festival in the same fashion. This ‘exclusivity’ is an attractive proposition to not only the viewers, but also the sponsors.


How has been the response on this from viewers?

Our viewers often write to us about how unique they find PIX – whether it’s our titles, promotions or even hoardings. The response from the market too has been good, since sponsors know they will get a good response by choosing our programming festivals as a media vehicle for their brands. Our viewers between the ages of 15 to 25 years are most vocal about their feedback, which we often get to know through our Facebook community and our youth community called the PIX Movie Club.


How do you chalk-out the plan for a year? And when?

At the start of the fiscal, we set out goals for ourselves, but we are not rigid and are always open to making changes as per evolving viewer needs.


Which has been the most successful festival package, so far? Why?

Over the past few months, Sunday Breakout and Hot Summer Collection have performed very well in terms of numbers and viewer engagement. Sunday breakout is a slot programmed on Sundays from noon to early evening wherein two tiles with a single break are scheduled, targeting the entire family. Another successful slot has been Hot Summer Collection which was programmed during summer vocations and was directed toward school and college students.


What else can we expect from the channel?

We will be showcasing the biggest animation movie of the year next month for which we are all very thrilled! Going forward you will see many big ticket properties of the creme de la creme of Hollywood.



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