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03 Aug,2012

Here it is. The third edition of MxMIndia’s media quiz that happens every Friday. Our quizmaster is Sorbojeet Chatterjee, Vice President – Marketing at Neo Sports. To enter this quiz, simply email the answers with your personal details (Name, email id and telephone number) and a one-word descriptor for MxMIndia at with Buzzer#3 in the subject. Standard contest rules apply (see box below).

There will be 2 prizes every week. First Prize: Rs 1001, Second Prize: Rs 501.

If there’s a tie, the best descriptor for MxMIndia will get the prize (note: tie-breaker question will change every week). Last date for sending entries: Wednesday, August 8 .

Instagram, a mobile photo sharing app, was recently acquired for a whopping USD 1 billion. Which social networking company acquired Instagram?
Turkish Software Engineer ___________ Buyukkokten has a popular social networking site named after his first name. Which one?
The Social Network was a blockbuster movie on Facebook. However, the movie was a film adaptation of a popular book. Identify the book?
In 2009, Ashton Kutcher had challenged a global media brand to a race to 1 million followers on Twitter. Surprisingly Kutcher won! Which iconic media brand lost the race?
This is the logo of a super successful online social gaming company that was named after the co-founder’s pet bull dog. Identify the company that has created blockbuster social games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, etc?
Amitabh Bachchan’s blog used to be hosted on Big Adda. However, it has recently shifted to a more popular destination. Where?
What is the claim to fame of a video titled “Me at the Zoo” with respect to social media?
 In February 2011, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had to step down after the Egypt Revolution. Activist Wael Ghonim (Marketing Manager at Google) played a vital role in mobilizing people that led to media terming this a ___________ Revolution
These awards were instituted in 2008 to honour the best short-form content creators on Twitter. The scope was eventually extended to cover other social networking sites like Facebook, Four Square and Tumblr. Identify the awards?
This is the first blue print sketch of a popular social networking site. Which social network was born from this concept?

Winner of Buzzer # 2 is Ritika Misra (Tel No xxxxx 57763) who works with DDB Mudra Max. Ms Misra wins a Prize of Rs 1001. The second prize winner is Mayank Jain (xxxxx 72616) who wins the Second Prize of Rs 501. Congratulations, Ms Misra and Mr Jain. Please await our mail, send us your coordinates and we will wire/ courier/ deposit the prize… asap!


Answers to Buzzer # 2

1. Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire fame), 2. Amul, 3. NBC, 4. Rani Mukerji, 5. Hey Jude,
6. Tennis The Menace, 7. Leander Paes (His father Vece Paes represented India in Hockey and his mother Jennifer Paes in Basketball), 8. Chariots of Fire, 9. Oscar Pistorius 10. Ambush Marketing


1. The families and employees of MxMIndia Private Limited and its associates are not eligible to win prizes.

2. You can send as many entries as you would like. There is no entry fee.

3. In case of more than one all-correct entry, the Tie-Breaker will be the decider.4. The decision of the Quizmaster and/or the MxMIndia editor will be final.

5. If the winner is not reachable by phone/email, the next best entry will be awarded the prize.

6. By sending your entry, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the rules.

7. Last Date for sending entries for Buzzer # 3 is August 8, 2012

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