Audiences have given MTunes the best birthday present: Sunil Sahjwani

10 Aug,2012

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By Meghna Sharma


MTunes, the 24/7 music channel, completes one year today (August 10)  and can already boast of a 20+ GRP. Completing one year in a genre which revolutionized music during the 1990s isn’t a big deal. However, if one becomes a force to reckon with in such a short period, then it is, of course, a matter of pride.


“When we started, we were at number five or six slot, but now we are number one in the slot. So, I guess we can call it a fast-faced and exciting journey with, of course, a lot of hard work,” said Sunil Sahjwani, Group Creative Director for Pioneer Channel Factory Pvt. Ltd. (holding company of MTunes and MExpress).


Sunil Sahjwani

Agreeing with him, Divya Radhakrishnan, MD, Helios Media which is strategic consultant to the channel said: “It’s wonderful to receive such a response for such a short period. They believed in our belief and helped us break convention with no VJ or no PJ on the channel only focusing on music.”


Recently various prominent music channels have started a new trend of reality shows and now turning into youth general entertainment channels. Speaking about the same, Mr Sahjwani said: “There is no harm in experimenting and we are glad that they did that. Because the space vacated by them has given more space for music channels to grow. Also, we must realise that youth wants music, otherwise music channels wouldn’t have survived.”


“In the name of ‘youth entertainment’, various channels forget where to draw the line and have created new lows of the Indian television industry,” rued Ms Radhakrishnan.


Divya Radhakrishnan

Apart from showing music in HD format which is its USP, the channel also prides itself in creating original properties like Asli Voice, Trending20, Kal ka Superhit and so on.


“The channel’s aim is to reach out to various age groups and moods during the day and that is why the tempo of music keeps changing during the day. For instance, the day starts with fast-paced music, whereas in the afternoon the tempo reduces, only to increase again in the evening We want people to feel music and not just hear or see it,” said Mr Sahjwani.


Music, today, is consumed across media – television, radio, internet, mobile, phones and other digital devices. So it is affecting the genre on TV? “No, we must realise that apart from a few urban homes, high-speed internet is still not available everywhere else. Having said that, there is also no denying the fact that youth consumes music on various platforms and internet is one of them. But the visual-audio treat provided by the television cannot be matched by others. Hence, it would be fair to say that other platforms act as a support system for TV. They only push the genre – which is great,” said Mr Sahjwani.


And what about digitization? The channel isn’t available on platforms like Tata Sky. “We are aware of that and are working towards that. We are already there on Dish and Videocon and talks are on with other platforms. However, since we are a FTA channel, we don’t have much to worry about. And of course, we are hoping that digitization does happen this time around.”


The channel opened its sales in April and hopes to do well in the coming years. “Our first motto was to build numbers, which we have been able to. So, now hopefully, we’ll be able to growth manifolds,” said Ms Radhakrishnan optimistically.


The channel feels that Indians thrive on music, so the genre will only grow. However, one needs to be innovative and give the audiences what it wants to stay ahead in the clutter.


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