Anil Thakraney: Time for some media censorship?

22 Aug,2012

By Anil Thakraney


18 Again has done it again. This time they’ve sold their ‘vaginal tightening’ gel inside a family newspaper. (In a previous post, I had expressed concern over the suitability of this product for television advertising.) I guess the next stop is hoardings, bus shelters and radio. Thankfully, I don’t have children. But to all those of you who do, be prepared to answer a cute question from your sweet baby: Daddy, what does vaginal tightening mean??


And not to be left behind by an advertiser, our news channels have decided to go a step further. Murdered air hostess Geetika Sharma’s autopsy report is being freely broadcasted. Without a pause, young TV reporters have been spewing out gory details of her ‘unnatural sexual habits’. As if they’d landed a coup. For god’s sake, what’s the point in revealing that in the media? What good is it going to do to the criminal case? Can Kandaji be nailed on this sensational ‘discovery’? And what public interest is being served out here?


What will happen instead are three things. One, bring a great deal of embarrassment to her family members, who are already grieving the loss of a young one. Two, provoke wild public speculation on the woman’s life, and she’s not even around to defend herself. And three, you, dear reader, be prepared to answer a cute question from your sweet baby: Daddy, what does unnatural sex mean??


Yup, with every passing day I am getting increasingly convinced that the time has indeed come for some amount of censorship in the media. If it’s not going to happen through self, then it must, sadly, come in from the outside.


The other day a friend casually asked if I would ever be tempted to commit suicide. It can happen. If a ‘Top Gun’ filmmaker like Tony Scott can end his life abruptly, we mere mortals are quite capable of it. My response was an emphatic ‘NO’! For just one reason: I dread the speculation the news channels will indulge in over my ‘messed up’ life. God knows what sort of dirt they’ll fling on my dead face. Don’t need that crap, thank you very much.


I am staying put!




[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

PS: This is easily the best corporate audio visual film I have watched in my life. The LEGO toys group is celebrating its 80th birthday. And they have used the occasion to tell us their story through animation. Charming, wonderful and very interesting. Now this is the way for organizations to tell us about their past.


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