Anil Thakraney: The disunited ad world

29 Aug,2012

By Anil Thakraney


In my recent interview with Prasoon Joshi of McCann for mxmindia, we discussed the key problems the ad world faces today. According to Joshi, it’s time the clause on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ is enshrined in contracts with clients. So that the ad agency is adequately compensated for its idea, and doesn’t lose revenues after the client changes his agency while continuing to use the original idea in the brand communication. It’s a good suggestion, it makes a lot of sense, but I can assure you nothing will happen in this matter. As nothing ever does happen on all the problems that dog the desi ad world.


In fact, each agency chairman states his/her own area of concern when I meet him/her for an interview. Piyush Pandey is very unhappy with the current agency remuneration structure. Balki continues to have serious issues with the way awards are given in the ad world. All these problems remain unresolved.


What’s the reason for this inaction? It’s simple, and most industry leaders will agree with this view: There is disunity in the ad business. These guys will never come together and sort out their issues. Perhaps it has to do with fat egos. Or perhaps it has to do with some degree of immaturity. Or both. The disconnect cannot be because of intense rivalry, that happens in other industries as well. But their leaders do come together now and then to debate common issues, and, in fact, they sometimes form those nefarious cartels!


I think all it takes is for one large-hearted agency chief to stand up, make some calls, and get everyone together under one roof. I am certain a number of issues will get sorted out in time if they put their heads together. It needs just one individual to bell the fat cats.


Having said the above, let me hasten to add that some amount of bitchiness, mud-slinging and jealousy in a creative industry is fine. That happens in Bollywood as well. In fact, it can be fun at times. But if it’s coming in the way of solving pressing industry issues, then that’s not healthy at all.


Grab some beers, people. At least break the ice. Cheers!




PS: Haha. What a kickass warning sign! If this doesn’t prevent you from fingering around with switches in public places, nothing will!




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  1. Kabeer Kak says:

    Yes agree and yes I love you Prasoon interview a lot