Anil Thakraney: Indian media wins Gold @ Olympics 2012

10 Aug,2012

By Anil Thakraney


I am forever taking potshots at our media on all sorts of issues. Most of the criticism is well deserved, of course! 🙂 But there comes a time when one needs to applaud them for good work done. Must say I am extremely happy with the glorious coverage of the London Olympics. And it’s been an outstanding show across the media, in particular on the news channels and in the daily press. This is important for the nation’s sporting future, because the excessive attention to cricket leaves the rest of the sportsmen and women languishing on the sidelines. Thanks to all the excitement in the media, this is no longer the case. Mary Kom, relatively unknown till yesterday, is a household name today, she’s on the lips of every bachcha bachcha.


The argument usually put forth is that the reason our media pays so much attention to one game is because India is a cricket crazy country. And the media is supposed to cater to the tastes of the masses. This theory has been blown to smithereens by the Olympics. We Indians happily consumed all the coverage, we passionately backed the contestants, so it’s clear that the media can take the lead on issues and influence viewer behaviour. And I must add here that I don’t recall this kind of hectic coverage during the Beijing Olympics, so it is refreshing to see things have changed.


And the best news is that star athletes like Mary, Saina, Vijay and others will inspire a whole lot of young Indians to take up athletics very seriously. This will lead to a better score-card for India in the future tournaments. And the media hype will put pressure on the various state governments to honour and support athletes from their respective regions. It’s high time this happened.


Yes, the London Olympics has been Indian media’s shining hour. A pat on the back to all the editors, reporters and studio heads. And I sincerely hope I get a chance to write more such happy posts in the future. Even I get tired of cribbing constantly, haha.




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PS: Louis Vuitton pays a rich, touching tribute to the great Muhammad Ali. This is the fash brand’s first ever campaign. The ad recites a lilting speech made by the legendary boxer inside the ring. Superb script, concept and direction.





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