Akanksha Jain: Partner, Business Planning at MindShare

24 Aug,2012

(Experience: 10 years)


What Akanksha Jain values the most is to be true to everything she does and to herself. And she does that by ensuring that she has given nothing short of 100per cent.


Explaining her motivation, Akanksha said: “What drives me is the selfish desire to make a mark; essentially leave everything better than I found it! I wanted to be in the ‘Communications’ industry long before I even understood what it entailed and that’s what led me to MICA.”


She has ‘dabbled’ with account management for about a year at the start of her career, but didn’t follow through as she felt that the well-honed left part of her brain wasn’t getting enough exercise! “I was attracted to media and joined what was then a 3-member team (Pepsi @ Mindshare) to try my hand at it. That I am still here is thanks to the constant excitement and challenges that have engaged both parts of my brain.”




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