‘Advertising as an industry attracts a lot of women’

21 Aug,2012

Young, well qualified and trained Lara Balsara is all set to take her father Sam Balsara’s legacy further – not only in terms of steering Madison Communications to a new level, but also in her acumen for all things media and peripheral to it. A Graduate in Economics from St Xavier’s College, she embellished her inherent skills with a Masters in Marketing from Bristol University. In a brief conversation with Ritu Midha, Lara Balsara talks about her work mantras and more.


What is your take on work-life balance?

If you want to succeed at the work place, there is no such thing as work- life balance. You have to be available 24/7 during weekdays for sure. The “balance” comes from taking frequent short breaks over the weekend and pursuing a hobby.


Women like yourself are scaling great heights in media industry. Why do you think, media planning and buying attract so many women professionals?

Advertising as an industry attracts a lot of women.


Do you believe that in a few professions, women still have to work harder than men to prove their worth?

Maybe in some other professions, but not in advertising and media for sure. Women might find it a bit more challenging because they have to manage work and home.


Moving to marketing, do women look for emotional quotient in the brand marketing – or is it now logic all the way?

It would be a combination of both and would also depend on the product category.


Lastly, how would you define a diva?

A diva is someone who is confident and comfortable in her own skin and who sets new trends and benchmarks and doesn’t necessarily follow trends or people.


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