AdStrat: 6 Days Mahabachat

21 Aug,2012

Anand Karir, Senior Creative Director, DDB Mudra


Name of the Campaign

6 Days Mahabachat



Mahabachat as a property was conceived in 2006 to spur consumption around the Independence Day holiday, offering great savings across product categories. This year the challenge was to instil confidence into the property promise of big savings at a time when persistent inflation was dampening consumer spirit.


Research insights

The consumer reality revealed that they harboured a sense of helplessness towards inflation, with no solution in sight. Over the years, the effect of inflation had moved beyond the kitchen and even impacted their purchases of fashion, education, fuel and entertainment, leading to an overall increase in the cost of living. At the same time consumer aspirations were also on the rise, resulting in an overall state of dissatisfaction.


The thought process behind the creative

As a solution to the consumer’s angst, the attempt was to empower consumers with a concrete solution throughout the six days of Mahabachat. The resolve of victory over inflation by participating in Mahabachat was brought alive through the optimistic clarion call of ‘Mehengai pe Halla Bol’.


Media vehicles chosen

TVC, Press, Outdoor, Radio, In-store and Digital.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad

The clarion call of ‘Mehengai pe Halla Bol’ was not an agitation or a morcha against anyone but the joy of having found a solution against inflation at Big Bazaar through the ‘6 days of Mahabachat’. The mood was that of celebration and freedom.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief?



What is the differentiating factor about the ad?

Every Indian detests the inflation of the last few months. Our TG, the middle class Indian housewife, is feeling no different. Her budgets have not grown in proportion to the inflation and this is somewhere tying her hands and giving her a feeling of being helpless. Of not being able to do enough for her family. She wants to do something to change this and vent her feelings. We just gave her feelings an expression – ‘Mehengai pe Halla Bol’. She knows that Big Bazaar has always understood her needs and brought stuff within her reach. Mahabachat 2012 is yet another chapter in that epic.


The TVC first mildly touches upon her and her family’s day-to-day encounters with inflation and then introduces ‘Mehangai pe Halla Bol’ as a positive cry, during these testing times, asking her to reach out to her friend Big Bazaar and grab everything she and her family wants and deserves, in abundance. Simple poetry narrated in the background subtly sets the mood and puts the point across without letting the harsh reality hit her in the face, which was a very important objective that we wished to achieve.


Compiled by Shubhangi Mehta.


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