Xrbia goes social to promote project

19 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


XRBIA Developers’ aim was to bring consumers closer to realizing and living their dream of an idyllic house in a dream country. This was the genesis of XRBIA’S dream campaign. The idea was to create a country which was perfect, where people were happy; there was no rush; air, water and environment was clean. And thus giving shape to the idea, XRBIA went in for a threefold strategy: The team started with a teaser launch promoting XRBIA as a country, which lead to the press conference announcing XRBIA as an affordable housing developer and finally moved to launch the first project at Hinjewadi in Pune.


XRBIA Developers initiated a social media campaign where they designed their Facebook page as a tourist destination. XRBIA engaged users with tidbits about the country’s cultural nuances, including its culinary habits, nightlife, and so on and so forth. This engagement program started with a unique contest of “where in heaven is XRBIA?” This campaign drew a lot of interaction with almost everyone having an opinion on where XRBIA was located. This set the ground for the rest of the campaign where the developers shared more information about XRBIA and the life there.


The outcome of the campaign resulted in about 30,000 likes, which is commendable, as the teaser ended on June 20, barely 4 days after the launch. Since then, there have been more than 4 million page views and 1.3 million unique visitors on the Facebook page.


This is a first-of-its-kind campaign, especially for a real estate brand. The concept of promoting XRBIA as a country was initiated with the thought of running the teaser campaign as a tourism campaign where people are invited to experience the country. The line “Visa on Arrival” was coined to invite people to visit XRBIA. This idea behind the thought was that once the teaser campaign was over, the real estate brand would be revealed and people would be invited to stay at their dream destination.


Before XRBIA was unveiled as real estate company, many of the interactions on Facebook were about people asking where the new country was, some even asking if it was a rebranding campaign by Serbia. Some even applied for a job in the country. The high amount of interaction reinforced the success of the campaign.


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  1. Tony Disez says:

    Xrbia is best & affordable Real estate project.