The Anchor: Zubin Driver on 5 things to keep in mind while launching a creative co

04 Jul,2012

By Zubin Driver


Choose the right people!

It is very important that every team member is hand-picked, because he or she should have exceptional qualities that compliment other team members. A strong team with diversified skills is of utmost important in a creative agency.


Have a clear vision…

It is essential to have a clear vision and make sure you live up to it every day in word and deed. Make sure your visions are clear, concise and specific. Your vision needs to be a clear message which has the ability of keeping you and your team inspired along with keeping you focused when you face obstacles and come across challenges.


Practical and Reasonable Goals

Make sure your business goals are practical and achievable. It’s better to be prudent and grow steadily than over promise and crash out of the game. Also keep in mind that your goals should be high enough to inspire you to push yourself even more but at the same time it should be grounded too.


Value your people

In a start up or in any creative agency, people are your biggest asset. The work force of a start up is its best resource. You have to keep them charged up and motivated to get the best out of them which in turn helps them grow as well.


Think big, spend small and invest in the future

One should keep an eye on the bottom line and the horizon line. An ideal balance between expenditure and investing on the future of your company is vital and rests on your vision. A profitable present will carry you into a fantastic future.


Zubin Driver is the Founder & CEO of Pundalik


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