The Anchor: Subhash Kamath on his favourite Rajesh Khanna songs

19 Jul,2012

By Subhash Kamath


I do have a list of my favourite Rajesh Khanna songs. I love them as these songs are incredibly well written along with absolutely brilliant lyrics and compositions. These songs also bring out the emotion of the situation in the film so evocatively.


Here goes my list:


Chingari Koi bhadke from Amar Prem
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Kuch to log kahenge again from Amar Prem
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Nadia se daria from the movie Namak Haraam
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Zindagi kaisi hai paheli from the movie Anand
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Mainetere liye hi saat rang ke sapne again from the movie Anand
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Yeh Shaam mastani from the movie Kati Patang
[youtube width=”500″ height=”250″][/youtube]


As for the dialogue, the favourite will always remain the one from Anand… Babumoshai, Zindagi ek rang manch hai aur hum sab is rang manch ki kathputliyan hain…. The role played by Rajesh Khanna was really powerful, one of a dying man who had the ability to still laugh and make others laugh. I remember a scene in the movie where he makes light of his illness and Amitabh Bachchan in total frustration says, “Agar main kahoon ki tumhein lymphosarcoma of the intestine hua hai toh?” and Rajesh Khanna just smiled and says, “waah waah, baabumoshai, bimaari ho to aisi.” I think it was incredible how he delivered his dialogues and performed his role in the movie Anand.


Subhash Kamath is the Managing Partner at BBH India. He is also passionate about music and is part of a music band called Wanted Yesterday.


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