The Anchor: Naved Akhtar on 5 things that have changed in advertising

09 Jul,2012

By Naved Akhtar


1. Advertising has become a business:

The pressure to perform is so high that many times creativity is given a miss. There is a role reversal – earlier the creative people were held in high esteem, now the client has become the one leading the show. Advertising has become a business with roles being changed.


2. Work for awards v/s real work

There are two different kinds of work that has emerged. The work that is done to purely win awards and then there is real work that is done to drive the product in the market. Twenty years ago one would see the same ads that were have worked for a business also winning awards but now there is just no connect. I think that now the award winning works are more like fine arts and done for self-exultation.


3. The aura gone from advertising

In the earlier days, the creative fraternity had an aura around themselves; and were respected for their creative genius. Now advertising is seen as just any other business and the appeal that people emanated who were a part of the business has gone.


4. TV has become important

Today television has become ‘the’ medium for advertising unlike earlier where press was given more due.


5. Fun is low

I think the fun has gone out of advertising because of pressure of work, win new businesses and remain ahead of competition. There was a time when people were into advertising for love of advertising now this is purely business and means of earning bread and butter.


Naved Akhtar is the Founder at Shop Design and Advertising


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