The Anchor: BG Mahesh on 5 reasons why the future is regional language internet

06 Jul,2012

By BG Mahesh


Diversity of India is the main factor:

Official data related to literacy is 74.04 per cent. Now internet is used only by the upper middle class, slowly penetrating to the huge middle class sector, which is the largest in India. The upper strata of this middle class is moving to the upper middle class category and their aspirations are high.


The Economy Factor:

Indian internet penetration will double in coming years. Upper strata of the internet users may not understand Indian language but others, which is the majority, is going to outnumber this upper strata. If the economy grows, middle class internet usage will increase, which will lead to consumption of Indian language content.


The changing in media consumption:

One can see the phenomenal growth of Hindi language newspapers circulation during last five years, soon news papers will see stagnation in circulation and readership – users will be depending other media channels like Internet and Television.


The increasing demand for mobile internet access:

There are 898 million mobile subscribers in India, 292 million of these living in rural areas. The same data showed that 346 million Indian mobile users had subscribed to data packages. Telecom operators are already activating GPRS by default as they realize their users want mobile internet access. We need to recognize the fact that mobile internet (and possibly desktop internet) is not a luxury anymore but a necessity.


Regional language internet involves masses:

Unless there are content and services out there in a language the masses can understand why will they use the internet? Regional languages will bridge this gap. Advertisers are not for or against any language. Once they see there is a huge user base of regional language users, they will jump onto the advertisers’ bandwagon on the language sites.


BG Mahesh is the Founder & MD of



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