The Anchor: 8 reasons why professional networking sites are important

30 Jul,2012

By Yogesh Bansal


In today’s competitive scenario “Who you know” is as important as “What you know”. Meeting people and making positive connections can benefit you in different phases of your professional life, as you climb up the ladder. Networking and meeting people in different areas of expertise can help you when you need information on something or may even land you into job in the future.


Professional networking sites enable you to:

1) Control your online identity


2) Educate yourself about the current market scenario which is of utmost importance, besides your qualification


3) Gather a good understanding about the market as it is important to inculcate or polish the skills required


4)  It lets you collect information about your prospective employers and build the right industry contacts


5) It helps you understand the practical aspects of a profession and prepare your behaviour and mind for the forthcoming challenges


6) Let’s you have an opportunity to interact with the professionals in the market


7) Encourages you to broaden your horizons, think beyond your limits and explore more career opportunities to understand where your skills could be best utilized


8)  Increases your online visibility and makes you easily searchable.


Yogesh Bansal is Founder and CEO,



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