The Anchor: 5 ways you can never get into a jam in the digital world

17 Jul,2012

By Saurabh Parmar


1. Be a good listener:

Digital is a two way communication medium, so before you start talking, start listening to what your customers are talking.


2. Now understand:

Get market research experts and your brand custodians to work on all this data and channel the insights to both your online and offline marketing.


3. Get together:

Don’t treat digital in a silo, integrate your touch points both in offline to digital banner campaigns, website, mobile, social media with each other. Integration is not just about giving links but really ‘getting together’ mediums to create a cohesive campaign.


4. Be useful, fun or informative:

It’s a crowded world out there with millions of brands and products talking. To connect with your customer make sure your message is either useful (What he is looking for), fun (what he will enjoy reading or sharing) or informative (makes him aware and interested)…just a higher media spend does not guarantee you more customers.


5. Be real, say sorry:

We all fu ** up, it’s better to admit it and rectify it rather than your customers creating a petition about you or criticizing you on blogs. Even in the virtual world genuineness is appreciated, especially if the response is prompt and correction faster.


And the sureshot way…hire a better agency: Well the shortest and the easiest way of course is to hire a better agency


Saurabh Parmar is Founder & CEO, Brandlogist


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