The Anchor: 5 reasons why online demand services are the next big thing

20 Jul,2012

By Shreyash Sigtia


1. Paradox of Choice

Earlier audiences had very limited choice with only Doordarshan and DD Metro as channels for entertainment. Cut to a couple of decades back where audiences were spoilt for choice with nearly 500 channels to select from. But all this time viewers did not have much choice in terms of content/data selection; they never really had complete control on the viewership. So now, with the advent of online demand services, this situation has improved considerably. Customers now have the freedom of paying for the content of their choice and watch it at their own preferred time slot


2. Choice of Devices

As a country, we have moved from joint families to nuclear families to finally being cellular families, our lives revolve around smart gadgets from morning to evening. Along with internet on PC, people today also have a choice to stream these videos on their smart phones and tablets. With the current boom in the smart phones and tablets market due to competitive price offering supported by 3G and 4G high speed internet browsing, the consumer can easily view the videos on multiple connected devices.


3. Convenience of time and place

With the kind of hectic lifestyle one has today, taking out time to visit a theatre for every movie has become a little cumbersome and difficult. With everyone being on-the-go 24/7, 365 days a year, on demand services give people the luxury to watch their favourite movies/new release at their preferred time and place.


4. Beyond the metros

Indiais diverse and wide-spread. There are several small budget and/orHollywoodmovies that get released only in the top metros. Consumers residing in tier 2 and 3 cities earlier had no access to such films But with the availability of on demand services, even a consumer  living in tier 2 or 3 towns and cities can enjoy such releases, be it Hindi, English or any other language at the click of the mouse.


5. Easy Payment Options

There has been an increase in the online payment options for consumers. It is no more limited to cash or credit cards. Services like ITZ Cash and Suvidha Pin allow the user to do payment online. An individual doesn’t have to move from places to places for paying the bills.


Shreyash Sigtia is the Business Head at BIG Flicks Pvt. Ltd.


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