The Anchor: 5 reasons when you know you can become an entrepreneur

23 Jul,2012

By Kavita Jain


When you are driven by passion:

If you are driven by your passion, entrepreneurship is the way to go because there are slim chances you would enjoy working with someone else coz people are not likely to share same vision/passion and it’s the best learning opportunity you can create for yourself.


When you have the courage to take risks:

“The word ‘entrepreneur’ actually is actually scary for many because it takes guts, self-belief (and a little bit of stupidity) to go out there on your own… If you want the freedom to do things your way and not having to listen to dictates of others entrepreneurship is the thing for you. Being happy in life is most important. So what if you can’t earn much money as an entrepreneur. As long as you’re happy doing it, I think that’s the best goddamn reason you can ever think of.


When circumstances lead you:

Sometimes you don’t really have a choice but a do or die situation, and in most cases answer is “do” and do it really well.  Sometime your situations lead you towards entrepreneurship, for e.g. economy down turn. Some friends lost their well paying jobs couple of years back thanks to down fall of economy and the situation forced them to be on their own and they are doing very well today and are happy to be an entrepreneur.


When you are ready to work round the clock:

‘Flexibility of time and ability to do more in little time and a time of your choice as you are not bound to a 9 to 5 routine.


When you are ready to take challenges head on:

As an entrepreneur, you are in control of your life (being at two places at the same time.  You enjoy working with and learning from the best people you decide to work with. Being an entrepreneur is a tough and a challenging task, sometimes scary too, especially when you are trying to balance it with your personal life but at the end of it if you play it right and manage to balance it right it gives you a high like nothing else could do.


Kavita Jain is Founder, Schwelle Media


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2 responses to “The Anchor: 5 reasons when you know you can become an entrepreneur”

  1. hi Kavita. I was jst going thru ur profile and found this…. didn’t know u write! Keep up the good work.

  2. I guess there is money component, that also plays a vital role to decide if you “can” think of becoming an enterprenure.