The Anchor: 5 reasons language music channels are the way to go

16 Jul,2012

By Sandeep Bansal


1. Regional music channels are registering increased viewership. The regional music channels have provided a good television platform for local music which was earlier not there.


2. There is a steady revenue growth @15 per cent for the regional television channels.


3. More focused targeting for advertisers and hence less wastage. Many big marketers are looking at a more focused communication for their consumers across markets and this can very well be addressed by the regional music television channels.


4. Capitalization costs are lower compared to national music channels as one does not invest in national deals for distribution, content, and so on. The lower capitalization costs bring down the turnaround period for the regional music channel.


5. Since regional music is not mainstream, the music content is available at a much reasonable rate compared to Bollywood music content. Also the regional content is created with smaller budgets making it cheaper for the broadcaster to source the same.


Sandeep Bansal is Managing Director 9X Tashan



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