Ormax to help brands pick right face with Celebritix

26 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


How many times you have watched an advertisement and wondered ‘how is this celeb relevant for the brand?’ And if you are from other side, ‘which celeb will suit my brand?’


Now you can stop worrying and wondering, Ormax Media has come up with a new product, Celebritix – a celebrity evaluation software – which will make it all simple.


The celebrity evaluation software allows brands to evaluate and select the best celebrities for endorsements and film tie-ups, based on the fit between the brand and the celebrity.


According to the study done by the organisation, almost 16 per cent of the television advertisements feature celebrities. “It is important to know who the ‘right’ celebrity for a brand is and what he/she can do for it. A correct candidate not only helps to differentiate the brand but also builds visibility and drives sales,” said Shailesh Kapoor, CEO, Ormax Media while launching Celebritix.


The software is targeted for mainly advertisers, media planners and celebrities firms to help them which attribute of a celeb suits a brand/product the most. As per the research done by Ormax, there are 20 most common attributes which can help in the process of finding the right face for a brand. Some of the attributes in the Celebritix list are vivacious, adventurous, bold, righteous and youthful.


The software will allow the users to create a brand profile by assigning weights to different attributes that best describe the desired personality of the brand. Based on the brand profile, the software will recommend celebrities that best fit the brand, using a proprietary metric called the OCX (Ormax Celebritix) Score.


The OCX Score can also be used for selection of films for associations, based on the fit between the star cast and the brand. Additionally, subscribers will have access to two other modules – Stars India Loves (SIL) and Box Office Forecast – that will allow them to take informed decisions on film tie-ups.


SIL is Ormax Media’s monthly star popularity research product running since November 2010. In Box Office Forecast, the users will get an indicative estimate of the likely opening day performance of the film at the domestic box office, based on campaign tracking, category trends and normative data. The forecast will be available up to 12 months before the release of the film.


Celebritix currently features a total of 36 celebrities from Bollywood and cricket. Every quarter, up to 10 new celebrities will be added to the tracking, based on market trends, box office and cricket performance. The research covers 4,000 respondents every quarter, across 20 attributes, in the target group of 18-44 yrs., SEC ABC, across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Lucknow.


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