Ormax Media to forecast TV viewership using True Value

05 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


Ormax Media announced the launch of the new version of its television content testing tool – True Value. Since its launch in 2009, True Value has been the television industry’s certified tool for content pre-testing. The tool has been used to test 146 programs across 19 channels.


The new, enhanced version of True Value now allows broadcasters to forecast the viewership of new launches. The tool is available in three versions – for GEC fiction (Hindi & Regional), for all types of non-fiction (GECs & niche channels) and for kids channel animation content.


True Value has two statistical tests built into its design – Go Or No Go (GONG) Test and Success Test. The GONG Test can be used to decide whether a program should be put on-air at all, while the Success Test can be used to predict if the program will fit the definition of ‘success’, as defined in the context of the genre and the channel.


Shailesh Kapoor, CEO – Ormax Media said: “The previous version of True Value was more directional in nature, while the revamped version is more action-oriented. Its ability to forecast the steady-state viewership of a program makes it extremely useful for taking business decisions in the area of content selection. The television industry has been very supportive of the product, and the new version has been designed to meet their needs even better.”


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