Opera’s m-advertising report reveals monetization trends

23 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


Opera Software launched its first State ofMobile Advertisingreport, which highlights key data and trends in mobile advertising worldwide. The report shares finds from the perspective of the world’s leading mobile ad platform, using data mined from the global network of 35 billion+ ad impressions and driving over $240 million in revenue to mobile publishers in 2011.


The findings of the report were unveiled by Mahi de Silva, EVP of Consumer Mobile for Opera at his opening keynote atMobile+ Web DevCon inSan Francisco, with a presentation on “The State of Mobile Advertising.”


Some of the key findings that Mr de Silva presented are:

  • iOS rules the roost. The average eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) on iPhone is $2.85, followed by Android at $2.10; Windows phone is last at $0.20 eCPM.
  • Rich media ads, especially those that leverage the capabilities of more sophisticated mobile devices, drive CTR (click-through rates) and better customer engagement.
  • Business & Finance is the top revenue category. It generates more revenue per impression than any other category.
  • Using just one ad network won’t cut it. Performance varies significantly over very short periods of time, so publishers and advertisers that don’t use a strategic mix of networks won’t maximize their profit and reach.


In addition to the special focus on monetization patterns and trends, the report also includes key insights for advertisers, such as:

  • How device adoption among demographic groups impacts media buying strategy
  • Why mobile landing pages could soon be obsolete
  • 5 traits to look for when choosing a mobile ad network



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