ODigMa to expand to Australia and SE Asia

15 Jul,2012

By Tuhina Anand


ODigMa, the online marketing agency, is looking at expanding its footprint beyond the Indian shores. The immediate plan is to have its presence in Australia and South East Asia and the agency has already made headway in its bid to have a presence in Australia. In India, it has offices in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.


Talking about the edge that ODigMa has, Advit Sahdev, CEO and Founder, ODigMa said: “Our expertise lies in data analysis and that’s our differentiator. We do a complete analysis on the data available and advise our customers how this data can be used to optimal use. Precise targeting helps our clients in getting desired returns.”


OdigMa uses Big Data analysis, which as per a report by McKinsey in 2011 about using Big Data in social media analytics companies, can increase innovation, competition, and productivity. The report suggests that Big Data allows organizations to create highly specific segmentations and tailor products and services precisely to meet those needs. Using Big Data for social media analytics will help companies to create new products and services, enhance existing ones, and invent entirely new business models.


The agency has come out recently with a Facebook analytical tool which it claims is the one of its kind available. The tool which is already available to ODigMa clients helps in going beyond the interactivity that is currently available on this page.


Started two years back, the online marketing firm services over 100 clients including brands like MTS, Marks & Spencer, MakeMyTrip, HiDesign and DoCoMo among others. It builds innovative social media tools using analytics and BigData.


The agency, whose first client was Wildcraft, takes pride in the fact that it promises to do work that can be measured. Mr Sahdev said: “We have done work that has helped our clients grow and the best part is that all of this can be measured. We also do a lot of work in website optimization.” He points how he advised one client to follow the offline model of having happy hours for an e-commerce site to drive traffic during the day when usually it would see lesser visitors. Also for an automobile launch in Ahmedabad, ODigMa got the live streaming on FB and a FB campaign that got the company a good number (140 in total) of qualified lead in a week. The service helps in a more personalized solution and helping in better conversion especially works for e-commerce sites.


On the reaction of clients on social media marketing, Mr Sahdev said: “My experience says that everyone is willing to try it for a short period, say for 4-5 months and gauge the response. It’s only if they have met with success in these months that they want to commit long-term.”


In terms of trends in the social media marketing, Mr Sahdev pointed that the big thing is to have videos. He also stated that their company is focusing in a big way in the creation of video and also promotion of those videos. In fact, the videos, he feels, should not be more than 30-40 seconds long but should be different from a TVC as the requirement on social media is different but the message has to be put in an interesting manner with an eye that on social media. The key is sharing, hence the content should be such that encourages sharing instantly.


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