Mogae to launch talking comics

11 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


Mullah Nassrudin

Mogae Digital has announced that its pioneering product, Talking Comics, will go live on Tata Sky later in July. The video stories will be carried on Actve Wizkids and will be promoted on the default channel.


“Talking Comics gives a video experience that does not take away from the pleasure of ‘reading’ a comic. Mogae has invested the last 4 years into creating original world-class IP in the comics’ space, specifically for mobile devices. Today we have over 50 titles and over 2,000 stories created entirely at Mogae Studios. But with newer opportunities opening up on DTH, we have spent over 18 months creating this new genre of Talking Comics,” said Tanya Goyal, Executive Director of the Mogae Group.


Talking Comics were actually created to give a video experience to comics on mobile. “The file sizes are kept light. There is a nice voice-over, good music, some animation, plus all the text as in a normal comic … all of which gives a more wholesome ‘reading’ experience,” she added.


Stories from Tenali Rama, Mullah Nassrudin, Akbar-Birbal, Bheema, Krishna, Vikram-Betaal and Krishna series will go live in the inaugural round. Yudhishtra, Duryodhan, Arjun, Karan, Bheeshma, Raavan, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba and  Gautam Buddha will be unveiled in September. Stories from the Bible and a series of Ghost Stories will be launched early next year.


“Our illustration quality and the detail that has gone into each frame is unparalleled inIndia. We were the first to ‘create’ comics for mobile on Indian mythology, history and folklore. Earlier comic creators like Amar Chitra Katha created comics for paper. When taken on to mobile, these comics were heavy and difficult to download. In our case, each story has 12-14 frames … no more … so that the comic is easy to download, and easy to scroll. What’s more, we port each frame to 48 different sizes so that 95 per cent of all mobile devices receive the comic in exactly the screen size of the device,” explained Ms Goyal.


The mobile versions of all comics are in UAT at most mobile operators and will go live this quarter. Mogae is in talks with other DTH operators too for the Talking Comics.


A branded new humour series, created in partnership with a leading TV channel, is being currently worked upon as a Talking Comics product and the launch is slated for September.


Later this year, Mogae will be launching a mobile-greetings product and over 2,000 animation based cards have been created.


Mogae Digital is part of the Mogae Group, co-owned by Sandeep & Tanya Goyal, erstwhile JV partners of ad agency Dentsu India.


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