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10 Jul,2012

By Tuhina Anand


Arjun Ranga

Cycle Pure Agarbathies has been finding unique ways to build connect with its consumers. One thing that stands out is the company’s attempt to invest in innovative advertising, unlike its competition that focuses mainly on trade-oriented promotions. In 2011, during the World Cup, it had very successfully launched Pray forIndiacampaign to connect with the masses.


The brand, Cycle Pure Agarbathies, belongs to the parent company NR Group, which has a turnover of Rs650 crore. From its very inception, the company has been focusing on reaching the rural masses.


However, three years back, it intensified its initiative and started focusing on reaching villages with a population of 10,000 and more. It modified its target in 2012 to reach places which have a minimum population of 5,000 people. In its bid to reach the interior most locales of India, the company has branded vans that move across hundreds of towns and villages in India. These vans have Cycle products that are ready to be sold to the public. The company also ensures that it participates in the community fairs and exhibitions that take place in villages and towns.


Besides this, the company has been focusing on initiatives to preserveIndia’s dying culture and traditions. The company has been focusing on cause-related marketing activities, specifically on preserving India’s culture and heritage.


To encourage young minds to appreciate India’s rich culture and heritage, the company has initiated a heritage quiz. The quiz is framed on many themes of India heritage including monuments, epics, mythology, origin of various festivals among others. The quiz just concluded its first session in Chennai on July 7 and will be held in Kolkata on August 25 followed by Ahmedabad in September this year.


From 2009, the company has also been organizing the ‘Cycle Sheri Garba’ – Sheri Garba is a traditional art form of Gujarat- in its attempt to resurrect the original style of garba which is now crushed under commercialization. The organizers of Sheri Garbha have appreciated Cycle’s effort in reviving the Garba with its traditional practices.


The company also started Rhythm Ta Ta Thai Thai to showcase the young female dance talent in and Rhythm Dhaker ladai, a contest for drum beaters in West Bengal.


In a category like incense sticks, where building brand is difficult, Cycle has been quite successful. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies, elaborated: “We have unique fragrances with formulations handed down from generations that help in elevating mood for sampoorna dhyaan (complete concentration). Our prime focus is to get superior raw materials and provide consistency in quality. Besides, we have been bringing innovations across the value chain.”


He added: “From the very inception, brand building was given priority, which was a key differential compared to competition. Well known advertising agencies were roped in. Over the year’s consistent quality, distribution, promotions and advertising have built up strong brand equity, and created a strong consumer pull.”


While building the brand Cycle, there have been few parameters that include distinctly superior quality compared to competition, value for money offerings, exclusive fragrances, commitment and ethical practice, customer focus, constant innovation and investment in brand building and significant focus on R&D.


The company has been launching occasion related pooja kits – like a kit for Ganesh Chaturthi. Mr Ranga also pointed out few other initiatives that include the rural marketing/saturation coverage in all parts of the country, intensifying involvement in cause-related marketing and focusing on social media and digital marketing.
The Mysore-based NR Group was founded by N Ranga Rao in 1948. Interestingly, Mr Rao decided to call his range of incense sticks Cycle as the symbol recognized across the globe. Today Cycle Pure Agarbathies is widely known incense brand.


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