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12 Jul,2012

By Preethi Chamikutty


The season for new businesses in advertising just doesn’t seem to end. However unlike other agencies that are brick-and-mortar in format, IdeaDemocracy is an online design and communication crowd sourcing platform. Setup by Rohit Misra, ex-president of Rediffusion Y&R and his partner Chetan Mangat, the agency is novel in its format. Before it goes out and talks to clients about themselves, IdeaDemocracy used crowd-sourcing to even design its logo and next in line is the agency’s website homepage.


Talking about the concept, Mr Misra said: “It has been noticed that many a times when the company briefs an agency, people often don’t come back with what the brief was about. There are people with creativity and imagination every where and not necessarily in our offices, so we thought to do something to harness this pool of people and reward them. That is where the idea of crowd creativity came about.”


So from doing collaborative thinking, to using a tool called the IdeaStarter – a mood board for discussions and bouncing off ideas, IdeaDemocracy is a big playing ground for every creative individual.


As a concept IdeaDemocracy looks exciting but can client deadlines be met working with such a model. Misra says every work can be customized as per client requirement and delivered within the time agreed. “When we get a requirement from client, we put it up on our community and then we brainstorm to get the appropriate solution. So we can run a contest online and look for people with certain kind of skill set to do the job. Then we shortlist people who best fit the bill basis their portfolio and give it to the client. If the client is willing to pay the money asked by the person, he gets the job,” explains Mr Misra.


IdeaDemocracy works on connecting the audience to the client. There are also tools on site which can be used by freelancers, besides traditional tools and moods boards to execute what they have in mind. The site also has strong end user agreements, which according to Mr Misra, can ensure everybody gets the proper worth for their efforts.


The site already has a user base of 5,000 creative people. The initial crowd sourcing activity to create the agency’s logo received 40 logo design entries and the current logo being used by the agency is that of the contest winner. Mr Misra said that IdeaDemocracy would first like to talk to SME’s who may not have the large budgets of an MNC, but still want good people for the job. A self-funded venture, Mr Misra says he would not measure the agency’s success in revenue terms but more on the number of transactions happening on the site. His optimism also comes for a similar creative group in Indonesia which already has 65,000 people onboard doing proper work.


Source: The Economic Times

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