Crazeal enters cinemas for experiential marketing

25 Jul,2012

By A Correspondent


Ankur Warikoo ( India unit of Groupon Inc.US), a daily deals website has partnered with multiple cinema houses across India. The aim and objective is to offer a unique movie watching experience to Crazeal customers. The deal offered 50 per cent discount on the tickets along with a private screening to showcase Crazeal’s ‘Who Can Resist?’ campaign.


Crazeal has rolled out a nationwide experiential marketing campaign to connect with consumers. The daily deals website partnered with multiple cinemas across nine cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Pune) for a special screening of the movie Batman – The Dark Knight Rises. Over 3,500 tickets were said to have been sold in just under 30 hours.


To buy this deal, Crazeal subscribers had to log on to the site, buy the deal and the tickets were delivered at their doorstep. Besides the screening, the Crazeal team were said to have interacted with the consumers. Each individual who came for the screening is said to have received a memento. Multiple on-ground touch-points were also created to increase brand presence and engage with customers.


Launched in April 2011, was formerly called On November 2011, SoSasta was rebranded to because the name SoSasta did not have a positive connotation with their high quality merchants.


In conversation with MxMIndia, Mr Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Crazeal said: “During the month of November 2011, we went into a rebranding exercise very early into our lifecycle and we called ourselves which is short for crazy deal. We wanted to position ourselves as a great site which had fantastic discounts and crazy deals, but at the same time never compromising on the quality of the deals.”


The business model of Crazeal is purely based on transaction wherein it first provides free of cost visibility to its merchants on the Crazeal website for one day. In return Crazeal asks the company (or merchant) to create a good package for its customers. For instance, it could be a five star hotel offering a certain amount of discount for a buffet, which the daily deals website then displays on its website as ‘deal of the day’.


Once the deal is up and live, it is followed up by sending newsletters and SMSes to all Crazeal subscribers. Thus only after a customer buys a deal online is Crazeal paid its marketing monies. “We don’t make any money before the merchant makes money, but at the same time we are putting our entire resources right from creation of the deal, to imaging, and how it is marketed and so on. We, therefore, make our money only once our deal is sold,” he explained.


By the end of December, Crazeal is expected to launch its mobile app for consumption, according to Mr Warikoo, the time is right for India to experience mobile transaction. “Time is right for India to experience mobile. By the end of December, India should see the GroupOn Crazeal mobile apps being launched for consumption. In the US, for instance, mobile already accounts to almost 20 per cent of transactions a month. In India already without a mobile application or without a mobile friendly site, 5 per cent of our transactions are already happening through our mobile phones. India is seeing 3G users increasing day by day, so it is just a matter of time before we have that app which is already in our radar and we are working towards it.”


Crazeal is said to be a business which is currently focused on three categories, namely local services, product categories and travel. The local services include the best hotels and restaurants in the city, the best spa, and so on. Within the local services, food and beverages category dominate and accounts for nearly 55 per cent to 60 per cent of the overall revenue generated. Local services therefore account for almost 40 per cent of its business; product category accounts for similar share and the rest is taken by travel.


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