Akanksha Jain: Partner, Business Planning at Mindshare

20 Jul,2012

With over 10 years of professional experience, Akanksha’s mantra is “to be true to everything I do and to myself – by ensuring that I have given nothing short of my 100%.”


“What drives me is the selfish desire to make a mark; essentially leave everything better than I found it,” she says.


As for choosing her career, Akanksha said, “I wanted to be in the ‘Communications’ industry long before I even understood what it entailed and that’s what led me to MICA. While I did dabble with Account Management for about a year at the start of my career, I felt that the well-honed left part of my brain wasn’t getting enough exercise! I was attracted to media and joined what was then a 3-member team (Pepsi @ Mindshare) to try my hand at it. That I am still here is thanks to the constant excitement and challenges that have engaged both parts of my brainJ.”


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