AdStrat: ‘Find Better’

09 Jul,2012

Soumitra Karnik, NCD, Dentsu India Group


1. Name of the Campaign: ‘Find Better’


2. Research insights:

Finding a better career/job is serious business, it’s no laughing matter. And yet, there is a danger of the brand and the business becoming too serious, too “manufacturer” oriented. According to a survey conducted by Monster India, 80 per cent of Indians believe that getting a new job is not just dependent on your capabilities and experience; ‘Luck’ plays an important role. 69 per cent people in India, believe that ‘Luck’ plays an important role in job search as well.


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3. The Brief:

With social media and professional networking playing a pivotal role in all spheres of our lives, there has been a shift in the way both jobseekers and employers are consuming services. This new media opportunity led the path for Monster to innovate in the e-recruitment space. Monster is the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. From the web to mobile to social, they help companies find people through their most advanced technology. The innovative products and services help connect jobseekers and employers better than anyone else across the world. Now is the right time to transient into the next level.


Monster India has introduced the new user interface. The company launched Monster College to facilitate campus hiring; Monster JobsActive, in partnership with DishTV, to help people with no internet access apply for jobs through Monster India. The company also launched The Monster Employment Index (MEI) which is a monthly gauge of online job posting activity in India based on a real-time review of tens of thousands of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career Web sites and online job listings


4. The thought process behind the creative:

Job-searching is subject to many vagaries – The pool of candidates in the fray, their relative ranking in the pool, having/not having any “contacts” in the field, the possible hiccups with the search and results of the job site, the timing of the opening, physical location of the opportunity, idiosyncrasies of the hiring manger, cultural fit, compensation criteria, not to mention an inevitable X factor.


That X factor? It’s a little something called luck. And inIndia, as in most parts of the world, luck plays a huge role in almost every sphere of our lives. Or at least, people like to believe that. From the use of innumerable lucky charms to invoking many symbols of auspiciousness from human and other-worldly sources (caution against signs of good-luck such as sneezing, breaking glass, walking under a ladder, having a black cat cross your path), luck is wooed relentlessly.


5. Media vehicles chosen: Owned, Paid, Earned


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

The trick for a brand in this category is to find the right balance between creating clutter-breaking brand communications without dissing the serious nature of the task at hand.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

The TVC is about candidates who try to carry every possible symbol of luck with them to enhance their chances of getting a better job. The TVC exaggerates the acts of superstition in a humorous manner to show the extent that people go to, to get luck on their side. It then drives home the point that with, you get luck on your side.


Striking a balance between levity and gravity, it is a culturally relevant interpretation of the “Find Better”. It leverages the core strengths of and its presence on web, mobile as well as social , beyond just a superior search algorithm, and demonstrates powerfully each of monsters ‘features’, showcasing how you can get luck on your side and find better.


8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The highlight of the film is when the mother emerges from the bag in this show of one-upmanship. It’s most unexpected and at the same time humorous; you can almost hear a gasp followed by a chuckle from the viewer.


9. Market/client feedback: Not available yet


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