AdStrat: Mercedes Benz – Pillows

02 Jul,2012

Ambareesh Chakraborty, Creative Director, RK Swamy BBDO


1. Name of the Campaign: Pillows


2. Research insights: Pillows

Sleep can suddenly steal upon anyone while driving. We wanted to dramatise its stealthy appearance through the analogy of the pillows and drive home the fact that the New Attention Assist on the Mercedes Benz will detect any such tendency to sleep and prompt the driver to take a break, an important and thoughtful feature from a brand that has pioneered most of the safety features extant in the automotive world today.


3. The Brief:

The task was to make potential customers realize that even though sleep can strike at any time and without warning while driving; the Attention Assist Feature on Mercedes Benz E-Class cars has been designed to tackle just this.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

Make potential customers realize the stealthy nature of sleep. This was done through the sudden conversion of the road marks into pillows. Let the visual cue the problem and have the copy simply state the solution.


5. Media vehicles chosen: Print


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

It should look premium, and be noticeably different in the way it delivers the message. It should be understated in tone, in keeping with the image of the brand.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief:

Yes, it deals with the problem in a different way. The restrained tone of voice of the Mercedes Benz brand has been maintained. The look is premium and is capable of intriguing a reader.


8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad:

It is simple, yet unusual. It does not have a crash scene, or a man drooling off to sleep, or a shiny car in it, and yet the tone of the ad is Mercedes Benz.


9. Market and client feedback: Not yet available.


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