Ad Strat: Tata I-Shakti unpolished dals

23 Jul,2012

Kapil Mishra, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett


1. Name of the Campaign: Tata I-Shakti unpolished dals


2. The Brief:

The brief given to the agency was to bring out the health advantage of ‘unpolished dals’ over the polished ones and marrying the qualities of the product – Taste and Health with the food cooked by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.


3. The thought process behind the creative:

I-Shakti dals are unpolished and reach the consumer after undergoing cleaning that is only absolutely necessary. The latest campaign seeks to bring alive this truth with the apt tagline ‘Bina chamke sehat chamkaaye’4. Media vehicles chosen:


The promotion campaign will have TV advertisement being aired across national and regional channels, supported by Market level and outdoor visibility drives. Such as bus back panels, toll hoardings, branding at Metro stations in key metro city markets.


TV channels national and Regional C&S, Outdoor media, in-shop branding and marketplace visibility through merchandising.


5. Does the treatment do justice to the brief:

The treatment is according to the brief which was to have a message based on goodness of Tata I-Shakti Unpolished dals and create generate awareness. To drive this point home, Sanjeev Kapoor, a trusted celebrity and household name has been chosen to endorse the brand. For a category in which the consumers don’t have an evolved yardstick of pre-evaluation to aid  buying process, having Mr Kapoor lends credibility to message to choose a Tata I- Shakti dals which are a deviation from current buying behavior and  consumption pattern.


6. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad:

When you have a message based on honesty and authenticity, the tone and manner in which it is delivered needs to be exactly the same – honest and authentic.


7. Market Client feedback:

Yet to be received


Compiled by Shubhangi Mehta


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  1. abc says:

    worst experience. They think that costumer is free. They never bother about costumer. I had given order before 15 days ago and still I didn’t get my order even repeating reminder.I think no body can wait for pulses for so many days.If this is happening in promotional period, god knows what will happen further

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