Zoot review for Junior Horlicks

12 Jun,2012

By Shubhangi Mehta


The new campaign for Junior Horlicks using Zoot Review has been released inIndiain Hindi, Tamil and Bengali versions. This is the third advertising campaign in last 2 years for Junior Horlicks which uses the Zoot Review format which has a celebrity nutritionist talking about Junior Horlicks. As in the past, the media vehicle used is television.


The basic idea to use Zoot for Junior Horlicks is to drive sale and focus on the relevance of Junior Horlicks as an expert in early childhood nutrition.


On the campaign, Sanjeev Singhai, Business Director – Indian Sub Continent, said: “We used a credible nutritionist to educate consumers (moms) on the needs of having right nutrients for child’s growth and communicate about the two available variant: Junior Horlicks 123 and Junior Horlicks 456.”


The Zoot Review ads majorly focus on educating consumers, here mothers, on the need for getting the right nutrition specific to kids for right physical and mental development of their small kids.


The Usage of third party authority platform like Zoot Review and a credible nutritionist makes the campaign more acceptable by the masses.


Though an all India Client feedback for current TVC is not available as campaign has just been released, since client is using the same route third time in last 2 years, it’s evident that client is able to achieve his objectives and hence is continuing with usage of Zoot Review TVC template.


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