The Anchor: Upen Rai on 5 reasons why online videos are important for marketers

07 Jun,2012

By Upen Rai


1. Video gets undivided attention

Web pages are full of hyperlinks, images, advertisements, and so on which distract the user. When a video plays, the user is fixated on the audio and video with undivided attention. What better medium to get your message across to the user?


2. Video is ubiquitous 

The web is full of conflicting standards and making things work across device form factors and browser quirks can be frustrating. Video playback is ubiquitous and works equally well on all device form factors – so it is easy for online marketers to ensure that their message gets conveyed like it was meant to be!


3. Video increases engagement

Ever since web analytics were measured, website owners have struggled to keep bounce rates low and engage the user with interesting content. Video automatically increases engagement by keeping the user busy, while advertising and other messaging can be shown non-intrusive to the user experience.


4. Video enables a higher call to action

With the right mix of audio and compelling visuals, it is easier for brands to create a call to action and on the online medium, even lead a user into then completing a task. Video raises emotional connect with the brand and eases the user into completing actions like supporting a cause, liking a brand’s social media page, sharing the message with more users, and so on.


5. Anybody can make online videos

Whether it is a large corporate or a small group of non-profit volunteers, a compelling brand message is easy to create, produce and distribute in the online space. It is the best way for viral marketing and to gather more eyeballs.


Upen Rai is Director, Times Internet Ltd


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