The Anchor: Ruby Bana on 6 reasons FMCGs need to look beyond TV

11 Jun,2012

By Ruby Bana


For years I hear again and again from FMCG clients that 90 per cent of our budget goes into TV first, we need to handle that well. Sure we DO! TVCs are what helps us stay in place (unless a brand is a new entrant). TVCs help us maintain SOV, and hence market share by helping remind consumers close to purchase that we are still there. But TV is such a passive medium and consumers are becoming active. They are educated, demanding and skeptical…. So to complete our communication we need to look beyond TVCs


1. Tell the whole story: Nothing does it better than magazines.


2. Immerse the consumers in the brand experience: Nothing does that better than the events.


3. Interact and engage them: Nothing does that better than online website or social networking and consumer forums.


4. Win credibility: Nothing does that better than Socially Responsible Marketing.


5. Become local: Nothing does it better than newspaper or radio.


6. Become part of lifestyle: Nothing does it better than ambient media.


All of these add competitive advantage to our brands and help us get noticed, remembered and enrich our interaction with our consumers. The older and better established a FMCG brand becomes, the lesser and lesser must it rely on TV. It’s a fundamental truth… the strategies/tactics that get us to the top are not necessarily those that keep us there OR help us evolve to the next level.


Ruby Bana is Chief Strategy Officer, Madison


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