The Anchor: Rajan Mehta on 5 ways how Digital OOH is revolutionizing Out-of-Home

04 Jun,2012

By Rajan Mehta, Founder and CEO, LIveMedia


One day, all media will become digital and OOH is no exception. Although still in its nuptial stage, digital OOH is quickly revolutionizing the OOH industry and has brought forth the following added advantages which are hard to ignore.


1. Precise Targeting of your Consumer Segment:

LCD Screens have been installed in places like restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, gyms, salons, office cafeterias, college cafeterias, hospitals etc wherein the profile of people visiting them is easily decipherable. Coupled with this is the fact that we know the geographical location of each of these places and the context that each place has to offer. Advertisers don’t have to advertise on the entire network but can pick and choose screens based on demographic, geographic or psychographic profile of the consumers they want to target, thus enormously improving the efficacy of their campaigns. This kind of sharp-shooting has never been offered before.


2. Different Strokes for Different Folks:

In today’s world one size does not fit all. Therefore, you have to communicate differently with different customer segments. You may want to show a Blackberry Bold with a pink casing to young ladies while at the same time in a black casing to young professionals. This can be done easily on a digital screen network wherein you can show the creative with a pink Blackberry casing in places like salons etc where young women are present, while in office cafeteria’s which are more male dominated it could be shown with a black casing. Not only this, you could run the creative in Kannada in Karnataka, in English in Delhi and in Punjabi in Punjab. This ensures that we are communicating in the most effective and targeted manner with our potential consumers.


3. New Genre of Entertainment:

We all know people are very discreet when it comes to media consumption. If there is nothing in it for them they would not consume it. Digital OOH has pioneered a new genre of content which is crisp, trendy and fitting into the lifestyles of people, thereby giving them a reason to look at the Screens while they are out of home. It’s truly like “Get entertained. Wherever you go”. You just need to step into a restaurant, gym, office cafeteria which has a LiveMedia Screen to see what we are talking about. Out-of-home advertising has now become entertainment-/ infotainment-based just like TV and Press, and not simply thrust upon people.


4. Context has been added:

We all know anything told in a context has a better impact. Imagine someone sitting in a hospital lobby with a Screen in front of him and an Advertisement for a Medical Insurance product comes up. The person would definitely take notice and think about it. The rest depends upon the creative. Similarly, advertising for lifestyle products in a coffee shop makes a lot of sense as these places are all about lifestyle. In addition to the above there are various programmes (content) that run on these screens which also create a context while people are watching. For example, if there is a programme on sports and an advertisement for some sports goods is placed next to it, then it works well as the person’s mind is already tuned into sports.


5. It’s Finally Measurable:

The bane of OOH has been that it’s not been measurable. Well, digital OOH is changing this paradigm! Since digital OOH is present in controlled environments like restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, salons, colleges, hospitals etc it is easy to reach out to people in these places and subject them to a survey, the data from which can then be used to measure the impact of the medium. Companies like IMRB have been doing this research for quite some time and have developed robust methodologies to collect, analyse and report the data. The current research is done to understand four parameters – demographics being addressed, noticeability of screens, engagement pattern and finally recall of various advertisements.


The medium still has a long way to go but the writing is on the wall that all OOH will one day become digital!


Rajan Mehta is Founder and CEO, LIveMedia


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