The Anchor: Mitrajit Bhattacharya on 5 areas where print (& mags in particular) need to upgrade their knowledge

26 Jun,2012

By Mitrajit Bhattacharya


1. Use of econometric modelling to measure advertising impact on sales

Econometrics can be used to reveal the effects of diminishing returns, ad memory decay and optimisation of media strategies.


2. Measurement of magazines’ social media engagement and building overall engagement indices

How can social media provide competitive advantage in an undifferentiated market? How tone and themes of conversation can help guide social media strategy? How does social media engagement compare with more traditional measures of engagement?


3. Research into branded content and do’s and don’ts about how to create great advertorials

Advertorials, whether in print or web, are valued, appealing, well-read if strategised well.


4. Usage and attitude towards iPads and how users experience advertising and content on the device

How is the consumer engagement with digital devices? How does an iPad user use the device? How many apps do they download? Free apps vs paid apps and usage and attitude towards them.


5. How tablet in-app advertising works

Learnings to increase the marketing efficiency of in-app ads on tablets.


Mitrajit Bhattacharya is President and Publisher, Chitralekha and Vice-President, Association of Indian Magazines


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