The Anchor: Manish Porwal on 6 celebrities who marketers have ignored till now

05 Jun,2012

Is there life beyond Sachin and Dhoni and Shah Rukh and Abhishek? Yes, says Manish Porwal, recommending six faces that could be tapped.




Gautam Gambhir: One of the most consistent youngsters in the Indian team, Gautam was accused of being puny, under-confident, reserved and almost a misfit for any proud brand. In spite of his reasonably good looks and much better cricketing records, he was, at best, fitted into one-in-many celeb kind of brands. I remember how difficult it was to get work for him, off the field. Today, the king of Kolkata, he is a knight both off and on field. I hear his price is going to double and that still is a fraction of Dhoni’s. Grab him, India Inc!


Kamal Haassan: I guess he waited so long to marry a brand that the brands no longer see him as an eligible groom. Initially wary of brand endorsements, Kamal, is now not also being approached. Next only to Rajni Sir, he has the power to change governments, not just brand choice. He lost an opportunity to stand for a brand so far. Or shall we say, brands lost the opportunity to make Kamal stand for them?


Rajeev Khandelwal: Aamir Khan of television and Aamir of films, his acting prowess and his success also couldn’t get him to endorse many brands yet. A part of it was his choice, as he wanted to be discreet and away from media but for his core work. Rajeev is almost anti-social [not on social networking sites]. A sure loss for FMCG brands wanting to woo the quintessential housewife.


Rakhi Sawant: Are you raising an eyebrow? That’s fine. The queen of entertainment and TRPs was too controversial to be used by the safe world of advertising. Understandable that most brands would not want to touch her with a barge pole, as an endorser. But hey, advertising folks, I thought you were smarter and cuter than that. What about an anti-hero in a low involvement and impulse buy brand wanting quick recall? Rakhi still gets attention, good or bad!


Abhay Deol: Too niche for the mass brands and too mass for the niche brands, Abhay didn’t get slotted well for brand endorsements. A potential, good-to-grab, keep-and-see-grow, Abhay is hitherto unexplored by the big daddies of advertising and endorsements. Holds more promise than sirji, for sure.


Chetan Bhagat: The person who rules the social networks and college canteens of young and Tier 2 India, doesn’t feature in a single TV commercial. He touches the hearts and computer screens of more than a million youth. He knows his worth but do brands? A gross mismatch of expectations keep him away from the ad world


Manish Porwal is Managing Director at Alchemist Talent Solutions


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  1. vijay says:

    Gautam Gambhir and Kamlal Haasan yes, but others, beg to differ on pan India level…regional yes but pan India no..

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