The Anchor: Mahrukh Inayet on 5 reasons why anchoring is more about substance than style

14 Jun,2012

By Mahrukh Inayet


1. News always comes first

Viewers want the news first. Rest, very little matters. Your style has little bearing on the viewer nor does it alter the impact of news on the viewer. Facts are sacrosanct. Information rules. It needs no garnishing.


2. The new age viewer

Today’s viewer is a global citizen. Aware, informed, educated and opinionated. More importantly, s/he is consistently running against time. They get their news and boom – they are out. Your personality might make them stop, but it is the news that will make them stay.


3. Credibility

News anchoring is all about credibility. The more you establish your substance, the more the viewer will notice your style. But remember, substance comes first. Think about it – most well known TV faces have been around for years. In theUS, the average age for prime time anchors is 60. Larry King, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather – the list is endless.


4. Journalism v/s Style

News does not come in fancy packages. It’s hard hitting and raw. Floods, drought, bomb blasts, terror strike, petrol prices – can you even imagine viewers bothering with anything but the information.


5. News, not the newsreader

In broadcast journalism school you are taught to conduct yourself in a manner that takes attention away from you and highlights what you are presenting. News anchors only disseminate the news – they are the medium, not the message


Mahrukh Inayet is Former Senior Editor, Times Now


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