The Anchor: Jwalant Swaroop on 7 reasons why IRS is a valuable tool for measuring readership

21 Jun,2012

By Jwalant Swaroop


Whether we like it or not, we cannot help but accept IRS as the currency for readership measurement. I do not think that we have an option.  In fact, I find IRS most valuable tool for its robustness and brilliant consistency. Over a period of time IRS as a product has evolved and is must for the media planning.


1. IRS is the industry’s most acceptable currency. For the benefit of the professionals joining the industry now, let me share that there were times when we had NRS and IRS the two conflicting readership surveys. Now that the merger of both is official, IRS has emerged as the most acceptable currency.


2. IRS is a technically sound product which encapsulates expectations of all the stake holders.


3. Given the sample size IRS captures the readership trends having geographical and demographic details with precision.


4. Despite the fact that it is largely industry funded, IRS has a neutral stance delivering value to clients and agencies equally.


5. The product linkage data in IRS is significant for understanding the market size and set directions to brand and media owners.


6. IRS can also be leveraged for setting directions for the content team to develop content for building attractiveness in the target readership which the media owners desires to build.


7. Since the IRS results are out every quarter, it builds the excitement.


Jwalant Swaroop is COO-Publishing, Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd


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