The Anchor: Jagdeep Kapoor on 5 things brands often forget & fail to create an impact

12 Jun,2012

By Jagdeep Kapoor


1. Service: Brands may be good products.  However, good products may not be good brands.  This is because, without the element of ‘Service’ a brand is incomplete.


2. Relationship: My Brand mantra is ‘Sambandh Nahi Toh Sab Bandh’. Relationship with your customer and consumer is essential for a brand to grow and develop. Transaction might get sales, but it is relationships that build brands and businesses.


3. Brand Experience: The brand experience in terms of quality of the product or the pleasant interaction with the brand will be remembered.  A consumer always remembers a pleasant brand experience leading to repeats.


4. Visibility: Invisible brands die.  Many years ago in my book 24 Brand Mantras, I had written “Joh Dikhta Hai, Woh Bikhta Hai”.  Visibility whether in the media or at the trade level is important for the growth of brands.


5. Distribution: My brand mantra is “Distribute or Perish”.  Without availability and distribution, whether online or offline, brands cannot survive. With distribution, brands will thrive.


Jagdeep Kapoor is Chairman & Managing Director at Samsika Marketing Consultants


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One response to “The Anchor: Jagdeep Kapoor on 5 things brands often forget & fail to create an impact”

  1. Himanshu says:

    Would love to read a case examination of a specific brand by Mr Kapoor…what he shared over here is something generic and a primer for uninitiated. Will be glad to see the appetites of intermediate and advance learners being whetted at this corner.