The Anchor: 7 reasons why Cannes Lions is a must-attend!

20 Jun,2012

By A N Chorrea


Okay so you haven’t made it to Cannes, but perhaps you ought to have. My suggestion, just as you have those SIPs from the various financial institutions, starting a recurring deposit account to fund your trip to Cannes 2013. If your agency/company/funds do not allow you to get there, take a weeks’ break, and head there. Don’t see enough reason still? Read this:


1. Yes, it’s expensive getting there. From India, a minimum of Rs 2 lakh if you don’t want to stay in a five star and carry food from back home for the week. So theplas or those packs of ready-to-eat food? Or you buy a loaf of bread every other day , some butter and assorted meats/wafers to keep you through. However, it’s worth every rupee spent.

2. The sessions thus far have been exhilarating. R Balki and Shekhar Kapur were super ambassadors for the country with their plainspeak. Soon, China and India will sweep Cannes Lions!

3. We haven’t done too well in the awards tally, but there has been a gold, and a couple of silvers and bronzes. And some of the big ‘uns are still too be announced.

4. Digital is the way of life at Cannes Lions. Streaming sessions if you don’t want to be watching it live, Tweets. Though not as many of YouTube videos and no live webcast, but it’s clear that Digital is the way to go. Those who want to be on top of technology and how it’s going to be used in marketing and advertising, ought to have been at the Lions.

5. Europe is going through a mess, but there seems to be no sign of that although there were planeloads of people from the Americas and Asia.

6. Cannes is the perfect place for a week-long event. And some of the people are there for nearly a fortnight. Locals may crib about the weather, but those from smouldering Delhi and sweltering (and now wet) Mumbai can enjoy.

7. Most of the big boys are at Cannes. Note: most, not all. Purrfect networking ground. That’s good reason why one must be there.


A N Chorrea is a seasoned media industrypeson who writes under a pseudonym


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