SMG India offers Web+TV optimizer

26 Jun,2012

By A Correspondent


In what Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) calls as a game-changing product innovation, it has rolled out a fused TV + Web Optimizer across its entire organization in India.


This optimizer will sit within the TARDIIS suite – SMG’s proprietary optimizer. SMG India has been using the TARDIIS TV optimizer since 2006. The fused optimizer will allow every single media planner at SMG to evaluate plans fluidly between TV and digital. The optimizer runs on the local Television Audience Measurement (TAM) and Web Audience Measurement (WAM) datasets.India is one of the few markets where SMG has launched this product.


Malli CR, CEO, SMG India, said: “We are a future-forward agency and this is one of the several investments that we are making to improve decision-making on client investments and take businesses along the digital transition road. One senses that the growth of spends on digital should be faster than otherwise. There are several vehicles in digital whose reach is substantial and yet inertia and a lack of currency prevent investments. With this Optimizer, a planner can seamlessly build plan options between TV and digital. Every client’s biggest complaint is about how plans for different target audiences look the same. This product is one of several things that will help change that. We have been testing the product internally since March and are seeing paradigm changing results.”


“One of the biggest challenges in digital is increasing the share of spends of FMCG. Our experience on TARDIIS Web + TV from other markets on FMCG clients has shown that it can lead to a totally different worldview on digital and increase spends substantially. TARDIIS Web + TV is one of the first tools with scale in this market that can accelerate digital spends and investments,” he added.


Deeming this as a huge HR initiative, Puja Shah, Director Human Resources at SMG commented: “We want to enable all our planners to be digitally oriented. This is one of several steps in this direction SMG India has planned out in the next six months.”


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