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04 Jun,2012

By Robin Thomas


Popular consumer review website is set to shift from being a reviews-only site to a buyer’s guide. This transition is scheduled to take place within a fortnight.


In its new role, MouthShut will position itself as a company that helps consumers decide which product they want to buy from a host of product categories — ranging from cars, bikes, cellphones and so on. Restaurants and hotels will also be part of the buyer’s guide enabling users to know the type of cuisine available, phone numbers and addresses for deliveries and so on. Moreover, MouthShut will constantly add newer categories on its portal after every few weeks.


Speaking to MxMIndia about the transition to a consumer buying guide, Faisal Farooqui, CEO, said, “We realized that a transition from a reviews-only site to buying guide is more important today because the consumer needs are changing fast as they no longer use the internet just for emails and chats but, also for buying. As e-commerce is growing robustly in India, people are getting more comfortable buying products online. Thus we decided that we need to provide consumers not just reviews but also help or guide them buy products.” will partner car dealers and manufacturers and allow for registering for test drives. In fact it has tied with Maruti and General Motors already.


The transformation to a users buying guide will also mean revamping the website, which will take place along with the roll-out. Also on the anvil is a mobile version of the site.  “The mobile experience will be totally customized for mobile users and while the look-and-feel will be different, the content will of course be the same” said Mr Farooqui.


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