Debrief | Misplaced communication strategy

28 Jun,2012

By Anil Thakraney believes that more than talent, Indian candidates rely on luck to make it through in a job interview. This is true. Many of us do have our superstitions. The lucky tie, the lucky socks, the lucky underwear, and so on. It may or may not work, but the illogical superstitions go on. In that sense, is on to a good consumer insight.


So these two blokes are waiting to be called in for the interview. And they spend the time competing with each other on who is more superstitious, and therefore luckier of the two. Eventually both get egg on the face as the job goes to the third chap who doesn’t believe in luck, but uses


Now while the insight is cool and the execution funny, there is a basic flaw in the communication. is only a job finder, they can’t help you do well in an interview. Ergo, if luck is what is riding on, then this ad doesn’t make sense. Because even the superstitious candidates DID land the job interview. So on pure logic, the commercial derails.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”225″][/youtube]

This would have been a sound strategy for, say, a grooming shop, one of those that help you create a favourable impact in an interview. For, this doesn’t work at all. Funny that the managers of the job portal overlooked such an important factor. I suspect on the day the brand manager came up with this strategy, he/she wasn’t wearing his/her lucky charm. 🙂


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 2. Entertaining ad. Based on a wrong promise!


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  1. Deeptibajwa19 says:

    but I think monster does more than gt u the interview. thts wt they say at th end better connections also. plus iv seen them upload videos on their utube channel giving intrview tips n stuff. so I think it’s funny and it works to an extent maybe.