Debrief: Cadbury Gems: Not really a gem

19 Jun,2012

By Anil Thakraney


After ‘upgrading’ their chocolate brands to adults, Cadbury is trying out the same trick with the totally kiddie Cadbury Gems. And I must say this is a very brave move. While one can understand and accept the fact that adults do indulge in chocolates, uncles and aunties gorging on Gems is pushing things a bit.


The strategy is that Cadbury Gems brings out the inner bachcha in you. And that the brand makes you behave in a childish manner in adult situations. ‘Raho Umarless’ is the creative interpretation. I watched two commercials. In one, an oldish aunty sitting on a park bench notices a Cadbury Gem. She can’t resist it and sets off a volcanic eruption of candies. In another ad, a man spots an artifact inside a museum. It’s created out of Cadbury Gems. He plucks one candy out, and this action dislodges the entire structure and the creation is destroyed.


There’s a basic problem with this creative treatment: It’s kiddish. Cadbury has failed to replicate the magic they create with their chocolates. For the latter, one is shown adult situations in which adults behave like adults. This creates empathy, and the brand wins. In the case of Cadbury Gems, adults behaving like silly kids will draw zero empathy from adults, there is no emotional connect. At best, the kids, who are the core consumers of Cadbury Gems, will love these commercials, and laugh their little heads off watching adults make fools of themselves.


In other words, all that Cadbury has done is to reach out to the bachchas once again, this time showing adults in slapstick situations. And because of this, despite the ads being entertaining, they will score no points with the adult market. In any case, I think it’s a bad idea trying to promote a hardcore kiddie candy to adults. It’s not going to work.


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Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 2. Dicey strategy. Flawed creative.


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One response to “Debrief: Cadbury Gems: Not really a gem”

  1. Alap R Naik Desai says:

    Quirky yet, ineffective is how one could summarize or describe the ads. Have watched both the ads & I couldn’t agree more. Cadbury Gems are a good product. But selling them to adults is rather tricky. They positioned the product for kids & now want to extend their market. M&Ms on the other hand were age-neutral. They even taste better, but that’s off-topic. If you ask me Cadbury has to come up with something similar to ‘Kya Swaad Hai Zindagi Ka’ Ad which conveyed the right message suitable for a Chocolate. For inspiration they could look at some Chewing Gum Or Bubble Gum Ads. Kaise Jheebh Lalplapaee is a good example & there are many more.