Case Study: Honda Brio: Love Ka Connection

27 Jun,2012

By A Correspondent


Campaign: Honda Brio: Love Ka Connection


Aim and Objectives:

The core objective of the communication was divided into two levels. The first one was to inspire more and more people to test drive Honda Brio and feel the experience of being loved back and, second, that the dealers of Honda feel excited about the whole campaign and are inspired to sell more.


The Background:

According to Honda Brio’s current brand positioning – there’s no happier feeling than being loved back and that’s what you get every time you drive Honda Brio. It always goes the extra mile every time to make sure the love story never ends.” Keeping this promise and idea intact, BIG FM came up with the concept to give an experience of loving and getting love back.



The campaign was spread across 30 cities and executed within 21 days, Touch basing more than 40 dealer outlets. Apart from the 23 92.7 BIG stations, the activity was also done on 7 non-BIG FM stations which was co-ordinated by BIG FM.


How the strategy was implemented:

The core idea was to promote the voice of Honda Brio where consumers test drive Honda Brio. RJ called up the customers who have taken a test drive and asked them to share their experience. The customer who shared the best experience was called on a show every Friday to co-host a show with the RJ. Also every weekend, RJs went to Honda Showrooms and promote the activity at the dealers shop through games and music.


In addition to the Voice of Honda Contest, Dealer Delight was also taken into consideration as one of the main objective was to uplift dealers moral as well as making them feel good by sending them to the corresponding radio station and meet the RJ and thus get an opportunity go come on – air.


The activity was executed in four phases with each one having its own level of communication. In the first phase, a 7 day on-air promotion was done with the help of On Air Promos and RJs informing listeners about the activity and the dealer. In the second and thirds phase the activity went on-ground at dealers shops where games were played for the contest ” Voice of Honda Brio.” In the last phase, the dealers were called to the radio station and did a one to one interaction with RJs on-air.


Expectations v/s Outcome:

Honda had two core expectations from the campaign- one, delighting the dealers about the campaign and the other, to increase the test drives of Honda Brio. 92.7 BIG FM met the expectations by delivering more than what was expected from the campaign which resulted in 24 per cent increase in footfalls at the dealer shop and an astounding 34 per cent increase in test drives. The Honda dealers were highly satisfied with the activity and were kicked out about the brand.


Constraints and challenges in implementation:

The biggest challenge of the activity was co-ordinating 30 stations and communicating the same thought in 9 different languages. Also that the whole activity was in 23 BIG FM stations and 7 non-BIG FM stations required a smooth running of the activity at Honda dealerships and engaging both consumers and dealers.


Since the activity was planned for a time span of 21 days in 30 cities, the execution needed to be perfect in every way possible. Regional language creative needed to be updated frequently as per dealers requirement as well as taste.


Challenges/Difficulties in Execution:

As the creative were in 9 different languages, the same communication was scripted in different languages. With addition of dealer’s feedback, each creative was given a regional flavour, keeping in line the communication. RJs doing the activation at the dealers store were also aligned to the campaign and the core thought across 30 cities. Also daily consumer bytes from the activity were aired on a day to day basis.



  • Radio can be effectively used to support on-ground activation
  • Non-Metros have a higher inclination towards Radio


Credits, Strategy & Execution:

The Team: Praveen Pahuja, Neha Goel, Kinney Mishra (National and Local Programming team)


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